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For over 20 years, I have been both a doctor and researcher involved in treatments methods for degenerative joint disease. Conventional medicine offers only symptomatic treatments, with a reasonable high potential for side effects to the patient. In recent years, alternative medical procedures have become increasingly popular. Many of these procedures provide minimal evidence of efficacy. Many substances offered today, especially in the field of dietary supplements are very expensive and are offered to the public without much long term research by their manufacturers.


The focus of my work as a researcher at the prestigious Heidelberg University has been degenerative joint disease. I have developed a variety of new and highly effective treatment methods based on this research and therapeutic algorithms based on the individual needs of the patients providing "minimal side effects with maximum effectiveness." Information about these innovative treatment options is provided on the following pages.


Inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases are among the most common and under epidemiological aspects of socio-medical perspectives and among the most important human diseases. Despite years of research, researchers have been unable to clarify the pathogenic mechanisms of these diseases. Only causal treatments have been derived.



The treatment of these diseases is therefore mainly symptomatic. Many types of treatments are offered in a one fits all type of therapy. Many patients are dissatisfied with these treatments, because often they end in failure forcing the patient to pursue

Alternative medical treatments.


Every day there seems to be new products offered on television which promise so much, but have little if any evidence of efficacy and in many cases continue to increase the frustration of patients.




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