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Joint- Preserving Operations

The joint-preserving surgical measures applied serve the purpose of preserving the joint for as long as possible. These surgical measures all have prophylactic character (arthritis prevention or delay).


The following are the surgical forms of therapy:

· Cartilage reconstructive techniques (matrix-assisted autologous chondrocyte transplantation, cell-free techniques)
· Meniscus replacement
· Meniscus sealing
· Restoration of the physiological joint mechanics
· Restoration of ligament stability


We only use techniques, which are at the cutting edge in modern Orthopedics.

For many years, Dr. Schneider has conducted extensive research in cartilage and meniscus repair. The goal of this work was to develop new techniques and materials for the treatment of cartilage and meniscus defects. Dr. Schneider has worked with many innovative companies (Arthrogen, Amedrix and others). Dr. Schneider has developed technologies that are used worldwide which has made Dr. Schneider opinion leader in the national and the international field of Orthopedics.



Joint replacement surgical treatment
The joint-replacing technologies (Arthroplasty), which are applied are all carried out to the highest technical and operational level. Dr. Schneider works with a highly specialized team of experienced surgeons. International user studies have proven that the life of an endoprosthesis is highly dependent on the sophistication of the surgeon.
Dr. Schneider and his team have established numerous treatment standards that have been established as the protocol surgical technique and post-operative patient treatment. Many new prostheses were developed on the floor of our scientific studies, which are on the market now (Olympia-Prothese/BioMet, G2-Prothese/DePuy, Merck and Johnson & Johnson). We ran our own tests to validate the surgical techniques implemented for implantation.


All our endoprosthesis are implanted minimally invasively. To perpetuate international cooperation, specific instruments have been developed which allow the implantation through small incisions. Due to the high standards of the applicable Arthroplasty techniques, we can provide warranties for the implanted prostheses. As part of treatment plan, the patient is offered a special service, which provides for the periodic review of the anchoring of the prosthesis in the bone stock. This is a novel biochemical test in which the fraction is determined by certain metabolic products in the urine, which are released at an increased loosening. This testing can be done at the patient’s convenience, by simply sending a urine sample by mail.


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