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In my private practice, I provide a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases. Treatments are offered based on understanding of patient’s common arthritis and arthritis treatments complaints from other practitioners. The most common patient complaints are:
· Mostly symptomatic therapies (mostly as monotherapy)
· High rates of side effects
· No established treatment algorithms
· Failure or very little therapeutic success
· Lack of customization of therapy
· High uncertainty regarding disease and prognosis
· High proportion of ineffective treatments (quackery)


On a daily basis many patients are told by medical practitioners; "we cannot do anything else in your case, you have to live with it and continue taking pain medication" or they are told; ”you have to wait for an artificial joint you are too young to have total joint surgery !


This is unacceptable!


The novel concept of "intelligent arthritis therapy" (IAT) is based on offering individually tailored combination therapy, which is optimally adapted to the expectations and needs of the individual patient. In the first steps, we analyze the different factors of disease development to understand the current load situation, and then to determine the individuals load capacity. Depending on the disparity of load and load capacity, an individually tailored treatment program is developed. The treatment program is constructed from different treatment modules. The modules may consist of purely a conservative treatment or combined with a surgery component. More importantly, a combination of different components in order to achieve an optimal therapeutic synergism for the individual with significantly reduced side effects. Prof. Schneider’s experience encompasses knowledge of all known therapies for osteoarthritis / arthritis. This experience is leveraged in his private practice and is ideal for developing the appropriate individual therapeutic treatment plan for his patients.


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